Edmund Yates, editor The World and friend of Charles Dickens. Three Letters

Edmund Yates editor The World
Edmund Yates friend Charles Dickens

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Edmund Yates (1831-1894)

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Original Letters

Edmund Yates (1831-1894) British writer. A close associate of Charles Dickens and editor of the society magazine, The World. He was later imprisoned in as a result of a libel published in this paper.

The envelope for the third letter survives and identifies the recipient as J.H. (Joe) Nightingale, a regular contributor to the Liverpool Post. This fascinating but obscure writer was also a member of Charles Dickens circle and several letters to him from Charles Dickens are included in Dickens' collected letters.


Letter 1.

The writing of the first letter is hasty and hard to read, the signature indecipherable. But that it is from Yates is confirmed by the printed address '22B, Cavendish Square', also printed at the top of Letter 2. The first letter is dated 'October 27. '75'

Addressing the letter 'My dear Joe', Yates refers to something published in the Telegraph in the first paragraph. After thanking Joe 'for your good wishes', Yates continues 'Last week...18,280...printed and [?] asked for more.. Smith's and Sons order has increased this week, my first printing order is 18,500 – so you see we are doing a good trade.' This probably refers to The World magazine, launched by Yates in July 1875. The paragraph at the top of the second page refers to a legal problem faced by Yates, possibly an action for libel;- '...but I know enough of him to make it exceedingly unpleasant for him – and Spender [?] in the witness box; and I've retained Hawkins and Parry.'

Written on two sides of a folded sheet of letter paper.


Letter 2.

A short note on a piece of paper with the printed address '22B, Cavendish Square.

'July 10. 75/ My dear Joe,/ Will you dine here tomorrow, Sunday at 7 in your morning coat/Very truly [word illegible] Edmund Yates.


Letter 3.

On 'The World' magazine's headed paper. Dated 'Jan;25th 1877' With the original envelope, baring an advert for 'The World' on the flap.

'That is a very good “spot” of yours. I will extract it and send it to the writer, a very lovely lady of fashion.

Whiteing's address is still – 40, Rue de Galdée, chanps Elyseés.

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that strong opposition notwithstanding, the World holds to its [two words illegible] and has not been in the slightest degree injured.

Yours sincerely Edmund Yates'

All three letters creased and a little marked. The envelope creased, grubby and torn along the flap.


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