Lactantius Complete Works

Lactantii Firmiani Opera,1662,  for sale

Book Author: 

Lactantius L. Coelii

Book Title: 

Lactantii Firmiani Opera, quae extant, omnia. Cum Notis Antonii Thysii

Leyden, Petri Leffen, 1662.

Small 8vo. (15 x 9.5 cm), Engraved title page + 14 unnumbered pages + 670 + 16 unnumbered pages. Readable throughout, but quite extensive reasonably light brown staining throughout (mainly from a water stain) and some wrinkling to the pages. A faint ink stamp applied to both title pages and one other leaf. The edge of the engraved title pages and two or free leaves after it, somewhat creased and rather worn on the edges. A small hole in the blank margin of the last two pages of the index. Many of the pages rounded on the corners, sometimes with some loss of paper in the blank margin. The last few pages of the index more heavily wrinkled and rather dusty in the top margin, one of them with a small tear.

Two blank leaves before the engraved title page and four more after the end of the book. These leaves very worn and defective, some old writing on two of them. A label stuck on the first of these.

The pages held together by a worn leather spine, but the covers missing


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