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Sermons by the author of Tristram Shandy

Sterne, Laurence, 1766

Sterne, Laurence

The Sermons of Mr. Yorick Volume IV

London, T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1766

Small 8vo. (16x9cm), 4 unnumbered + 207 pages. Generally a clean, crisp copy, with light, even browning to some pages a tendency for the ink to offset onto the facing page.

Price: £45.00

Observations On Poetry, Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas by Henry Pemberton bound with Leonidas by Richard Glover

Observations On Poetry, by Henry Pemberton, 1738

Pemberton, Henry

Observations On Poetry , Especially the Epic: Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas

London, H. Woodfall for J. Brotherton etc., 1738

Small 8vo. (16 x 9.5 cm), xii + errata leaf + 167 pages. Bound with the half title page present. Generally a very clean copy, although a water stain runs down the page from page 142 onwards, on the text but never obscuring it, faint apart from the last four pages, where it is more noticeable.

Published anonymously.

Bound with and proceeded by;-

Price: £85.00

Harleian Miscellany: A wonderful collection of British tracts, partly edited by Dr. Johnson

The Harleian Miscellany; for sale

The Harleian Miscellany: Or, A Collection Of Scarce, Curious And Entertaining Tracts…Found In The Late Earl Of Oxford’s Library.

London, T. Osbourn, 1744-45.

8 volumes. 4to (25x19cm).

Two library bookplates in the front of each volume. The books rather dusty on the top, which effects the top margins of some pages.

Price: £285.00

Robert Cecil, Later Lord Salisbury and Prime Minister. Inscription.

Signatue of Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury

The Debate Upon the Corn Laws, Volume 2.

Office of the Society for the Protection of Agriculture and British Industry. No date, circa 1846.

Price: £135.00

Bacon's Essays published by William Pickering

Bacon, Francis

The Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral and Wisdom of the Ancients

London, William Pickering, 1845

8vo. (17 x 10.5 cm), iv unnumbered pages, xxx + 356 pages + 4 page Pickering catalogue. Generally very clean and crisp internally, with a few light marks and spots and perhaps the slightest creasing to the crisp, white paper. The top edge just a little uneven and dusty. The endpapers a little spotted, with the small blind-stamp of a bookseller on the front endpaper.

Price: £48.00

Early Eighteenth Century Science

Science Book, 1719, for sale

Nieuwentyt, Dr. B.

The Religious Philosopher: Or the Right USE of Contemplating the Works of the Creator…Vol. II

London, J. Senex and W. Taylor, 1719

Translated by John Chamberlayne, 

This volume is concerned mainly with earth sciences and natural history, containing sections on Air, Meteors, Water, The Earth, Fire, Animals and Plants.The title page continues;-

Price: £135.00

The British Muse, scarce and important anthology of English Poetry

The British Muse, 1738, for sale

Hayward, Thomas (editor)

The British Muse, Or, A Collection of Thoughts Moral, Natural and Sublime, of our English Poets…

London, F. Cogan etc., 1738

3 volumes, 12mo. (16 x 9.5 cm). Volume 1: xxiv + 20 unnumbered + 288 pages. Volume 2: title page + 312 pages. Volume 3: title page + 312 pages.

Price: £150.00

La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, Cologne 1686

La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, Cologne 1686, for sale

Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien

La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny

Cologne, Pierre Marteau, 1686.

Price: £185.00

Nouvelles Reflexions par Etienne Vernage, rare edition of 1680

Nouvelles Reflexions Etienne Francois de Vernage, 1680, for sale

Vernage, Etienne Francois de

, Nouvelles Reflexions ou Sentences et Maximes Morales et Politiques

Lyon, Thomas Amauley, 1680

12mo. ( 14.5 x 8 cm), 24 unnumbered pages + 192 pages + 18 unnumbered pages. Collates: a8,e4, A8, B4, C8, D4, E8, F4, G8, H4, I8, K4, L8, M4, N8, O4, P8, Q4, R8. S1.

Price: £165.00

Essai Sur le Beau Par le Père André J…

Essai Sur le Beau 1767, for sale

André, Yves Marie

Essai Sur le Beau Par le Père André J… Avec Un Discours Preliminaire, Ex des Refléctions sur le Gôut. Par M. Formey.

Amsterdam, C.H. Schneider, 1767

8vo. (18 x 11.5 cm), 4 unnumbered pages + lxxx + 106 pages. Readable throughout, but the pages heavily browned, with some spotting. Bound in brown leather, a black leather label on the spine. The binding rubbed and worn, with loss of leather on the corners and at the top and bottom of the spine. The boards firmly attached, nut the leather cracked along part of the hinges.


Price: £45.00