Books Printed before 1800

Dialogues of Pope Gregory, 1538, in Italian

Dialogo Del Moralissimo Dottore Del la Chiesa Romana Messer San Gregorio Papa...

Pope Gregory 1, The Great

Dialogo Del Moralissimo Dottore Del la Chiesa Romana Messer San Gregorio Papa...

Venice, Domenego Zio. E fratelli, 1538

Price: £400.00

The Mythology and Fables of the Ancients Volume 2, printed 1740

Mythology of the ancients, volume 2

Banier, Abbe

The Mythology and Fables of the Ancients, Explain’d From History. Vol. II

London, A. Miller, 1740
  8vo. (20x12cm), [8] + 619 pages. Volume 2 only.

Price: £85.00

English Dictionary, printed 1750, by Thomas Dyche and William Pardon

Dyche, English Dictionary, 1750

Dyche and Pardon

A New General Dictionary of the English Language…The Sixth Edition

Published in 1750 by Richard Ware in London.

Eighteenth Century dictionaries are surprisingly scarce.  A fascinating book to dip into:- the definitions and obsolete words give a wonderful taste of the Eighteenth Century.

Price: £95.00

Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening... And All Sorts Of Country Affairs Volume 1. Scarce

Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening etc. 1765

Dictionarium Rusticum, Urbanicum et Botanicum: Or, A Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening, Trade, Commerce, And All Sorts Of Country Affairs…Volume 1

London, L. Hawes etc., 1765
  Volume 1 only.  8vo. (20.5x13cm), pages unnumbered but approximately 450 pages.
  Reasonably light browning and creasing, but the text always easily readable.  A number of small illustrations within the text and two inserted engravings, one folding.  The folding illustration a little creased and torn.

Price: £175.00

Scarce Collection of Eighteenth Century Fiction

Collection of Novels, 1722

Segrais, John Renald de, etc.

A Select Collection of Novels In Six Volumes (Volume 1 only) Zayde, The Marriage of Belfegor, The Jealous Extremaduran

London, J.Watts etc., 1722
  Volume 1 only.  12mo, (16.5 x 9.5cm).  Frontispiece + 20 unnumbered pages + lii + 333 pages.  Two leaves of the unnumbered pages (Dedication and Preface) bound out of sequence, but the text complete.
  The title page printed in red and black.  A second title page with the date 1720.  In addition to the titles listed above the first fifty two pages contain M. Huet’s…Letter Upon the Origin of Romance.

Price: £60.00

Lactantius Complete Works

Lactantii Firmiani Opera,1662,  for sale

Lactantius L. Coelii

Lactantii Firmiani Opera, quae extant, omnia. Cum Notis Antonii Thysii

Leyden, Petri Leffen, 1662.

Price: £75.00

Sermons by the author of Tristram Shandy

Sterne Sermons, 1760

Sterne, Laurence

The Sermons of Mr. Yorick Volume 1

London, R. and J. Dodsley, 1760

Price: £40.00

Observations On Poetry, Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas by Henry Pemberton bound with Leonidas by Richard Glover

Observations On Poetry, by Henry Pemberton, 1738

Pemberton, Henry

Observations On Poetry , Especially the Epic: Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas

London, H. Woodfall for J. Brotherton etc., 1738

Small 8vo. (16 x 9.5 cm), xii + errata leaf + 167 pages. Bound with the half title page present. Generally a very clean copy, although a water stain runs down the page from page 142 onwards, on the text but never obscuring it, faint apart from the last four pages, where it is more noticeable.

Published anonymously.

Bound with and proceeded by;-

Price: £85.00

The British Muse, scarce and important anthology of English Poetry

The British Muse, 1738, for sale

Hayward, Thomas (editor)

The British Muse, Or, A Collection of Thoughts Moral, Natural and Sublime, of our English Poets…

London, F. Cogan etc., 1738

3 volumes, 12mo. (16 x 9.5 cm). Volume 1: xxiv + 20 unnumbered + 288 pages. Volume 2: title page + 312 pages. Volume 3: title page + 312 pages.

Price: £150.00

La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, Cologne 1686

La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, Cologne 1686, for sale

Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien

La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny

Cologne, Pierre Marteau, 1686.

Price: £185.00